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POSD – Post Office Stress Disorder

Ok so my friend on Facebook is a brilliant writer and can take the most, what would seem to me the most, stressful situations and describe them in such a way that your gut feels as if it did a thoughts (see I can’t write, I meant to say “a thousand”)  sit-ups. Here is her latest example.

New Diagnosis: POSD – Post Office Stress Disorder. Finally made it to the post office WITH my package addressed and ready to go, all intent on using the self-serve kiosk. The kiosks are great and easy to use….UNLESS you and your mom walk in (seconds ahead of me) with two padded envelopes that your mom suddenly decides need more tape so she asks a woman in khakis if they have any tape ‘in the back’. That lady doesn’t know because she doesn’t work there. Guffaw! So your mom sets down the cat that she brought in with her to go looking for some tape. The cat is very obviously traumatized by a recent home haircut that left it looking like someone bought carpet remnants and glued them together, and is climbing all over the place, probably looking for an escape as it knows it’s the heavy in the brain trust it lives with. You, however, are completely flummoxed by the fact that the kiosk wants money before it will dispense postage for your first package. Your mom will grab the cat, dig through her purse for a credit card, put down the cat so she can hand you a scotch tape dispenser she got from someone’s desk and then you’ll press the wrong option on the screen and have to start all over again. You’ll look back at the nice, nice lady behind you who is just wants to mail her ONE package. That nice, nice lady will sprint toward the other, newly vacant kiosk and furiously whisper at her own daughter on the way out the door, “Lily! No! don’t touch that cat. It’s not cute! Nothing is!”

Yea you just lost 100 calories!

Liquid Fertilizer

So I’ve been by this house that sells barrels like 100 times and every time I go by I say I’m going to buy one of those barells.

Well today I bought one! Only $15 dollars; I had to pay the “mailbox”; the owners didn’t want me knocking on their door. Once I got it home I had to cut the top off becuase I wanted to catch rain water for my liquid fertilizer.

To make my fertilizer I think I’m going to use this recipe on

Now all I need to do is wait for the rain.


What is the revolution? Or should I ask what was the revolution?

In this latest science fiction show on NBC the world has had a blackout. 15 years ago an event occurred that cause all of the lights of the world to go out. It also caused all electronic devices to stop working and all gas powered engines to stop functioning. It was as if one big EMP pulse wiped any and everything electronic out.

Since the blackout the US has been run by numerous republics and militias due to the Federal government’s collapsed. One of these militia groups is trying to capture the brother of a scientist that apparently knows something about the blackout; guilty by association. The brother doesn’t know anything about what caused the blackout; he only knows how to fight. Unfortunately the militia doesn’t know this and continues to hunt him down. The brother is accompanied by his niece, a “doctor” and a nerdy friend. They are currently on a mission to find Charlie’s Brother who has been captured by the militia and I’ll bet learn about what caused the blackout on the way.

The premise of the show is intriguing; the idea of what would happen to our world if it lost power has always interested me. Some days I think 90% of the world’s problems are directly related to electricity. In this show however more than electricity has “disappeared”; it seems that all automated power has vanished; the world has been thrown back to the 1700’s when muskets and swords were the weapons of choice and when light at night only came from candles or oil lamps. There are horses and livestock and humans working if fields but everything that required either electricity or gasoline does not work.

During one of the fight scenes the militia solders are reloading their rifles by pushing a rod down the barrel as their companions fight the protagonists of the show with swords. The swords and crossbows make sense but I don’t understand why they don’t have normal rifles and are using black power muskets? Bullets are not that hard to make and don’t require any automated power to produce. It would be a slow process but can be done. So why do the “bad guys” in this show have muskets?

Also why has there been no steam power? Many of the scenes have fires; how hard would it be to generate steam and then use that steam to power things like a mill or anything else that could use semi-automated power. It’s as if the writers of the show actually envisioned the world literally going back in time when all power is lost. Even if all electricity were to be lost we would still have the knowledge of mechanics and physics that didn’t exist in the 1700’s. Given enough time I know that I could build a steam engine with the stuff I have lying around my house. Then I could use that engine to pump water out of the grown for drinking; no electricity needed.

Overall the story has promise and hopefully doesn’t have the same fate as Tara Nova had last year. I know they are going to try to weave some BS about global warming in to this too; every show these days does. I predict that the source of the blackout is going to be some big conspiracy with aliens. If aliens are not involved then this highly improbable premise will die and the show will get canceled but aliens are to blame then the improbable becomes totally impossible which makes for a more enjoyable fantasy.

Toe Shoes

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a pair of Vibram Five-Fingers (you know the funky toe shoes) and started walking in them on my usual mile route with my dog Sammy. Actually for the first two days that I had them I wore them everywhere as well as the mile route. On day three my legs and butt were very sore. It was as if I had never used my legs before.

Well I’ve worked my self up to being able to walk the mile in my Vibrams with no leg pain. I can feel my feet warming up and they have a little “burn” pain but nothing major. So the other day I figured I was ready for a little jog. I started off walking my mile then began to run after about a tenth of a mile. I ran for about .25 of a mile and deiced I shouldn’t push it too much. Everything felt good I just don’t want to hurt myself. After walking for another 2 tenths I deiced to run again this time a little faster and harder. I tried to adjust my landing to fall more on the middle of my foot rather than just landing on the balls; It felt that I wasn’t using my heal at all. Once I got the landing right if felt smooth. After running for about .25 more I stopped again and walked the rest.

After the run I reviewed my pace on RunKeeper and noticed that I had run about a 8.5min/mile. Not bad for not wearing any padded shoes.

I must have done something wrong because the next day my left calf felt like I had pulled a muscle. Or maybe it was just used a little bit more than the right. I didn’t feel the pain when I was running so most likly its just normal soreness from the exercise. Thankfully I’ve limited myself to only a mile so as to not hurt myself beyond what my body can recover from in a couple of days.


I know I’m supposed to be working on my “paper” for school but I find this much more interesting than writing a formal paper for a grade. Besides is Sociology a real science?

Anyway I started (ok it was only once) walking with no shoes. my first time out was only a mile long with my dog. My justification was I wanted to experience what my dog experienced while walking. Interestingly the only discomfort I found was from the occasional rock or stick I stepped on; even the freshly paved road was not that bad, sticky but not bad. I also noticed that I did strike my heal a little more often than I would have liked.

A study was done on three types of runners and made some astonishing discoveries ( They found that people who have never worn shoes have a running stride that that lands on the front part of the foot instead of the heal. This stride also has less of an impact on the body during running. It is amazing how much the human body is able to do without the help of man’s inventions.


My first original painting has arrived in the mail. Yea!

That’t not a good photo. Here is a better one.


Thank You Violet! You are an awesome painter! Some day I’ll be rich enough to pay you to come live in my home for a month just to make it beautiful on the inside.

If you haven’t already please check out Violet’s blot at Creative Devolution Dot Com!!!


I just realized I do not like paper with lines on it. If I’m going to take notes I would rather have a blank piece of paper with NO LINES. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because the lines restrict where I can write; what I can do.


I need an interesting topic to write about.

Right now I’m drinking coffee trying to wake up so I can get ready for work.

I spend my days in front of a computer writing code not words.

int main(){ return 0; }

You should see this tire that is growing round my waist.

I started running.

Now I hear screaming coming form upstairs.